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We have a lot of experience in assisting with matters related to W-8BEN and in advising businesses and financial institutions on FATCA & CRS matters

Yitzhak Zahavy, Co-Founder and CEO

yitzhak.zahavy@taxlucent.com | Phone: +1-914-768-4036

Yitzhak is Taxlucent's CEO and Co-founder.  He is also currently advising Jerusalem Venture Partners on compliance related to anti-money laundering and global tax reporting regimes.  He previously led PwC Israel’s FATCA and CRS initiatives advising global financial institutions and non-financial clients on compliance and regulatory issues related to anti-money laundering, tax evasion and corruption. Prior to PwC, Yitzhak worked as a senior analyst and project manager at Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse Asset Management.

Yitzhak served as a lecturer at the City University of New York’s Zicklin School of Business and the Galilee International School of Management and is a frequent lecturer on the topic of FATCA / CRS and AML.  He holds an MBA in finance from Rutgers Business School.

Yitzhak is an avid runner and has completed many triathlons and other races he also enjoys exploring the beach and hiking with his wife and five children

Inbal Buamer, Co-Founder and VP Product

inbal@taxlucent.com | Phone: +1-914-768-4036

Inbal Baumer is Taxlucent's Co-founder and VP Product. She is also the Co-Founder and CEO of LegalUp, an innovative legal documents automation platform. She previously held positions at Israel's leading law firms practicing commercial law.


Inbal Holds a LLB and MBA from Haifa University and a LLM in commercial law from Tel Aviv University.

Inbal is a foodie and enjoys reading, and traveling with her husband and two children.


Taxlucent makes onboarding easy and attainable for individuals and entities of all sizes. Streamlining the Tax Documentation and Know Your Customer process into clear and efficient procedures.​


We make the complex process of filling the complex tax forms like W-8BEN simple and fast. Our software breaks down each component in a tax form and explain it you in the words you understand.


Our FREE intuitive W-8BEN wizard auto-generates a completed form which you can E-sign, download and send. It's all paperless!


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