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Purpose of W-8BEN and why it is in your benefit to submit it
  • To certify the foreign status to the foreign individuals and businesses for taxation purposes, so that they will not be taxed by the U.S. in traditional way.

  • To claim the benefit of tax treaties (give the link of our blog post) between your country and U.S.

  • To be exempt from or reduce the withholding tax (give the link of our blog post),

  • To NOT pay more taxes then you actually need to

  • Do NOT neglect submitting W-8BEN when asked. If not submitted the entity that asked you to submit the W-8BEN will withhold 30% from the amount you should receive as U.S. tax.

  • To know why your financial institution is asking you to submit W-8BEN or what is withholding tax or why a non-US person has to submit W-8BEN tax form or what are tax treaty benefits click here  (give link our blog posts)

Why use our service?

Once you have understood the purpose of W-8BEN and decided to submit it, you may take a look at the actual W-8BEN form (link to IRS form) and the 8 page long IRS instructions (link to IRS instructions) to complete the same. The form might not look complicated, but there are many rules related to them, and it's easy to get confused.  Approximately an average person takes 2 hours to complete the W-8BEN form.

We at Taxlucent are here to make your task a lot simpler and paperless. Our software helps you fill the form in just few minutes for FREE. So get started (link for the wizard) with filling the form now and save yourself from paying more taxes than you need to!

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If you are a ‘withholding agent’ (link to the part of blog posts where withholding agent is explained) and want your clients to submit the W-8BEN, click here (give the link of create mail with the link attached) to send them the link of our website so they can easily fill form without errors.