1. Answer questions

2. E-sign 

3. Download the completed form

View and verify the generated W-8BEN form with all the details filled. Approve the details and E-sign the form
Step 1 - Answer basic questions in simple language

Our online tool will guide you through few straight forward questions in a language you can understand. The answer you select to one question determines the next question. This way you can answer questions related to your circumstances only and do not have to deal with unnecessary details. We do not keep any information you provide to us as it is not saved.

Step 2 - E-sign the generated completed form

Verify the generated completed form based on the information given by you. Approve it and sign it so that it is ready to send. We make sure the entire process of filling tax form is carried on paperless. You can do a digital signature on the form and directly send instead of printing it out and signing. However, in case you prefer to sign it on paper, you can download the completed form and get it printed.

Step 3 - Download and Send

Download the completed form with your signature. Now it is ready to submit!