Need to complete a W-8BEN / W9 form?

Taxlucent can help

Simply fill the details required by W-8BEN form
View and verify the generated W-8BEN form with all the details filled. Approve the details and E-sign the form
Download the W-8BEN form with all the details and your signature. It is now ready to submit!
  1. Answer a set of questions through our smart wizard,

  2. View and approve the form generated based on your information,

  3. E- sign and receive your signed form.

The most efficient way to fill the tax forms

Maximize efficiency

More accurate forms that mitigates tax headaches down the road.


Minimize errors

The smart wizard will help verify, validate and certify your data.

Enhance trust

Financial institutions and third parties can trust information you provide is legitimate as verified and validated. 

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